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Washington — On Tuesday, December 14, the President joined a White House meeting hosted by his senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, with the National Policy Alliance (NPA), a partnership of ten organizations representing African American elected officials and their constituents, to discuss a variety of pressing policy issues that affect millions of Americans like job creation, health care, judicial appointments, education, and economic growth.  The President thanked the group for sharing their concerns and continuous engagement with the White House.

The President also discussed the major benefits that the bipartisan tax agreement, currently under consideration in the Senate, will have on the constituencies represented by these elected officials.  NPA meeting participants acknowledged that there are parts of the tax agreement that they do not fully support; however, they understand that significant portions of the bipartisan agreement will help millions of families who continue to struggle during these tough economic times.

Provisions they noted included the payroll tax cut, which economists have noted will provide a significant boost to the economy; the American Opportunity Tax Credit, that will help more than 8 million students and their families to pay for college; the Earned Income Tax Credit extension; and the 13-month extension of unemployment insurance benefits for those Americans still trying to find a job.

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Obama meets with Black leaders to discuss economy

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