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Countless people have had to put their foot in their mouth after publicly saying offensive things. Check out the most controversial statements of 2010.

1. Joe Jackson Says MJ Wasn’t Gay Despite What His Doctor Said

Recently, Michael Jackson’s doctor and friend, Arnold Klein told TMZ that Michael Jackson was gay and had a relationship with Klein’s office manager. Joe Jackson came to Michael’s defense, telling TMZ, “It’s not true. Michael was not gay”

2. Limbaugh Calls Dem Leaders Racist, Says Clyburn Should Chauffeur Pelosi

Rush Limbaugh dedicated a portion of his radio program Thursday to attacking alleged “racist Democrats” in a segment chock-full of thinly-veiled racial references.

3. Palin Tells Dr. Laura “Don’t Retreat, Reload” After N-Word Rant

Sarah Palin has decided to rush to Dr. Laura’s defense via twitter after she quit her show due to her racist n-word rant. Here is what she wrote on twitter.

4. LeBron Says Cavs Owner’s Comments Will Make Him More Powerful

LeBron James addressed the letter by Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert at a press conference in Miami.

5. Dr. Laura’s Racist N-Word Rant [Audio]

Here is audio and a transcript of Dr. Laura’s racist n-word rant, which she apologized to yesterday. In the rant she complains that Black people are over sensitive and that Black people voted for Obama because of a “Black thing” and used the n-word several times after receiving a call from a Black woman complaining about racism.

6. O.J. Ruined My Life, Says Former Golfing Buddy

A former O.J. Simpson co-defendant facing a new trial in their 2007 robbery-kidnapping case said he is disappointed in the former football star for not clearing his name.

7. Naked Charlie Sheen Shouted N-Word During Meltdown

Charlie Sheen was naked and high on drugs while yelling the n-word during his meltdown with pornstar, Capri Anderson in New York City, for no apparent reason according to Radar Online.

8. Republican Calls Obama A “Raghead”

A South Carolina lawmaker on Thursday called a Republican gubernatorial candidate of Indian descent a “raghead,” saying we have one in the White House, we don’t need one in the governor’s mansion.

9. Tenn. Republican: Immigrants Will Multiply “Like Rats”

Tennessee State Rep. Curry Todd took his dissatisfaction with the birthright citizenship clause in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to a strange level this week, when he suggested that pregnant immigrants will “multiply” like “rats” if they are not asked about their citizenship status.

10. Democratic Lawmaker: ‘F**k The President’

Roll Call is reporting that an unidentified Democratic lawmaker was so upset with President Barack Obama’s decision to compromise with Republicans over tax cuts that he screamed out “F**k the President” while Rep. Shelley Berkley was defending the package.

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