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Los Angeles — The mother of Mitrice Richardson, whose remains were found in remote area of Malibu Canyon after she went missing for several months, has asked officials to exhume her daughter’s body for further testing.

Latice Sutton believes her daughter may have been a victim of foul play.

Sutton made the announcement Monday at a news conference in South Los Angeles, along with forensic anthropologist Clea Koff, from the non-profit group Missing Person’s Identification Resource Center.

Koff, who is working with Richardson’s family, alleges the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department removed the remains improperly and quote “may have compromised” the investigation into her death.

“There’s a question. Was the original scene disturbed by others? The response that was taped by the investigator who filled out this form is yes. What did that mean for the coroner’s office? It meant they did not have a single description of the scene. They had no description of the area and therefore they had no understanding of the body in relationship to the place. They only had the body which was brought to them even though they were on stand by to go collect the remains,” said Koff at Monday’s press conference.

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