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The most amazing thing to me about atheists, other than the mere fact that they exist, is that they’ve somehow managed to get themselves labeled as “open-minded”.

In fact, terms like “freethinkers” are terms often used to denote atheists and atheist organizations.

This, to me, is preposterous.

It is also, the only avenue of thought in which the proof of being “open-minded” is based solely on the denial of an existing concept.

What is that concept?

Well God, of course!

That kooky creation of man that resides in the heavens, has a long white beard and watches down over us like the government.

God is a mutha!

We read about Him in our Bibles, our Torahs and our Korans, we pray to Him when we need something or even when we want something, we fear Him or at least His vengeance, we even designate Him a “him”, unable to imagine (dig this) that a being capable of creating life might even possibly be female.

But does this thing exist?


The one thing that the atheists and the believers seem to agree upon is that nobody can say for certain how existence began.

To the atheists, it’s insane to imagine that the beginning of all life and the other stuff started because some “Supreme Being” waved a magic wand and ushered existence into, uh… existence.

At least equally bogus if not more so however has to be idea that there was once nothing at all and then suddenly there was everything and between those two extremes, no guiding force called itself into play.

For the believers, God has to exist because there are flowers and birds and beauty.

For the atheists, God can’t exist because there is famine, crime and war.

So who’s right?

What’s interesting, I think, is that even the most fervent believer will admit that sometimes, in his heart of hearts, he has doubts.

All atheists, however, are quite sure of themselves.

But in a world where every finite organic living moment brings a completely new, unique and unprecedented phenomenon, is there anything quite as dangerous or completely ridiculous as being sure of yourself?


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