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New York — Gary Sanders and Connie Wilson wanted to buy some marijuana, so they hopped on the L Train and headed east one night in October. The Friday evening rush hour crowd had already passed, so they were able to find seats. Sanders’s leg bounced up and down. He stared at the gray linoleum subway floor. They were going to a concert in a few hours and the logistics of the night strained his mind.

Will the box office close?… Should we pick up our tickets then go home and get ready or should we just pick them up when we get there?

They got off after a few stops. Sanders bounded up the station stairs two at a time and Wilson kept up with staccato steps. They exited the station and walked to a nearby street corner. A sedan pulled up along the sidewalk. Wilson opened the passenger door and got in. She talked to the man driving, then told Sanders to get in. The car slowly accelerated.

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