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Arkansas — All these scary bird, crab and fish die-offs have prompted many to wonder if the world was coming to an end, a whole year before it’s officially supposed to. But so-called “scientists” say these massive die-offs happen all the time.

Regarding the thousands of birds that just up and died and fell out of the sky, a Department of Wildlife and Fisheries ornithologist told the Daily News: “It does sound bizarre, but it’s one of the prevalent ways birds die in the U.S.” According to Federal statistics, mass die-offs happen every other day of the year. Famed Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson told the AP that there hasn’t been any uptick in dead animals turning up, just in our ability to hear about them via blogs and Twitter.

But of course science would say this. Science has a very clear pro-world bias. It has every motivation to back unfounded ideas that the world isn’t about to blink out in a blaze of fire and ice, because it works for the very universities controlled by world-loving academics and funded by worldist politicians.


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