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New York– Newfound Notoriety Has Led to Job and Multiple Offers, but Will Whirlwind Hinder His Recovery from Drug, Alcohol Addiction?

A few days ago, Ted Williams was a down-on-his-luck, homeless panhandler on the side of a Columbus, Ohio interstate highway ramp.

But then a reporter who had “discovered” the “man with the velvet voice” and made a video of Williams demonstrating his golden pipes put the video online. It’s lured more than 13 million hits. On Wednesday, Williams sat down for an exclusive interview on “The Early Show.”

But a checkered past has come to light, as well – including drug and alcohol addictions he says he’s kicked, and a criminal record — raising concern that his sudden stardom and what may well be a lucrative future could lead him “off the wagon.”



The “Golden Voice’s” Checkered Past Emerges

Golden Voiced” Homeless Man Hopes For A Second Chance