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Marvel is looking to breath life into mainstream’s first black superhero Black Panther (Also known as Prince T’Challa). There has been struggles to put ‘Black Panther’ on the big screen, which was in development back in the 1990’s with Wesley Snipes on board to play the role. However, things are changing for the better. According to information found on Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is back at work in developing ‘Black Panther,’ and is currently experiencing good progress in putting the project together.

Mark Bailey is on board to screenplay the film, whose resume normally consists of writing or editing stories on powerful HBO-Documentaries which include Pandemic: Facing AIDS and Ghost of Abu Ghraib. Kevin Feige is producing the film, though there is no director as of yet, nor is there anyone yet confirmed to fill role of the dark-skinned hero. With Bailey on board, it’s possible that Marvel is looking for a realistic story line, as well as a realistic and relevant take on the character.



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