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Before a group of about 25 friends and family members, a Maryland couple exchanged vows Tuesday at an IKEA store in College Park, according to recent news report. SEE ALSO: Bloggers Take On Kony Amid the aisles of modern furniture and the aroma of Swedish meatballs, Julie Rodgers and Willie “Bear” Pittman tied the knot […]

A Minnesota man, who tried to kill his unborn baby by stomping on his pregnant ex-girlfriend’s stomach, faces criminal charges, according to recent police report. SEE ALSO: Secret Service Scandal Deepens
 Kenneth L. Turner, 28, who lives in Findley, repeatedly kicked and choked his ex-girlfriend during an assault that lasted three hours, according to a Minneapolis […]

Two African-American football players from Nashville are set to file a discrimination lawsuit Wednesday against producers of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality show franchise, according to reports. SEE ALSO: Is Romney A Closet Conservative? In the expected class action lawsuit, Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson are claiming that in the show’s 10 years […]

When juries are selected from all-white jury pools in Florida, black defendants are convicted 16 percent more than white defendants, according to a recent Duke University study. SEE ALSO: Zimmerman Trial Drama Begins That gap in comparative conviction rates is nearly eliminated when there’s at least one black person in the jury pool, the study […]

Tupac Shakur came to life at this year’s Coachella Festival when he appeared Sunday as a surprisingly life-like hologram projected on to the stage and jumbotron screens. SEE ALSO: Mike Tyson’s ‘Undisputed Truth’ Reviewed The late rap icon performed alongside former Death Row labelmates Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at the music festival in Indio, […]

Finding a job is hard enough for African-Americans these days. But black people in Britain suffer from even higher rates of unemployment, especially during the last three recessions, a new study reports. SEE ALSO: London Mayor Bans ‘Gay Cure’ Bus Ads According to research presented to the British Sociological Association, joblessness among the black population in the […]

First Lady Michelle Obama chatted with Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert about Joining Forces, the project she runs with Jill Biden that’s set up to help military families. SEE ALSO: More Kids Born to Parents Livin’ in Sin In the sit-down appearance on Wednesday night’s The Colbert Report, Obama revealed that the initiative, which helps men and […]

As the first African-American to represent New York in Congress, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. is best remembered as an unapologetic and unrelenting crusader for black civil rights and voice against racial discrimination. SEE ALSO: Kofi Annan Asks Iran for Help With Syria On this day in 1967, Powell’s legacy was cemented forever when he won […]

Of the few iconic African-American professional golfers, Lee Elder arguably remains the one who left the most indelible mark on the sport. SEE ALSO: Gumbel: I Was Embarrassed by Today ‘Co-Host’ Palin Thirty-seven years ago today Elder became the first black golfer ever to play in the Masters. He broke down racial barriers and paved […]

When Magic Johnson and a group of fellow investors plunked down $2.15 billion to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers, the deal was the largest amount ever paid for a sports franchise. SEE ALSO: 2012 Obliterating US Heat Records But Johnson’s involvement in the deal could possibly mean more than just the further diversification of the former […]

Black women who want to protect themselves against breast cancer may soon be able to turn to vitamin D to help them fight against the disease, researchers say. SEE ALSO: Muhammad Ali a Poor Choice for First Pitch A recent study published in Breast Cancer Research claims that there are genetic variations in vitamin D […]