They may not be household names, but these folks are fighting for change necessary to make democracy work.

Black News

The day is about “love in action.”  

Nelson Mandela was released from prison on Feb. 11, 1990, after he and other African National Congress leaders were sentenced to life for attempting to overthrow the South African government.

Black History Month

Xavierian Brothers, a mostly white Catholic high school in suburban Boston, not only chose to serve fried chicken for its Black History Month but administrators also placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of an African American cafeteria worker.

We’ve listed 28 black movies to watch during Black History Month so you can challenge yourself to one movie a day.

The legendary writer was born on Feb. 1, a date that would through no coincidence go on to mark the start of Black History Month.

If you are going to properly celebrate Black history month, it’s important to learn about how it originated and why we celebrate it in February.

Good News

MasterClass will make its ‘Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love’ course—led by intellectuals like Angela Davis, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Cornel West—free for streaming during Black History Month.

October marks the start of the country's month-long Black History celebration that commemorates the achievements of Black British and Afro-Caribbean people throughout the UK.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Mark Clark’s sister remembers her brother and Fred Hampton were killed.

Black History Month

While fodder for comedians and social commentary, many have assumed that these distinctively Black names are a modern phenomenon. Research shows that’s not true.

In honor of Black History Month, find out who made our list of 21 HBCU graduates who are changing the world in 2021.