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Xerox CEO Ursula Burns argued that working moms shouldn't be expected to do it all in today's society.

Several past instances of racist banking practices against Black and brown customers and employees alike cost Bank of America hundreds of millions of dollars in fines well before the Ryan Coogler fiasco.

While some politicians seem to think 90's nostalgia reboots mean bringing back tough-on-crime rhetoric, evidence suggests that addressing persisting economic disparity is one way to reduce gun violence.  

President Joe Biden recently nominated Cook to join the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. If she is confirmed, she will be the first Black woman to serve on the board since its creation 108 years ago.

With 52% of Atlanta’s population being black, one could assume all the city's growth means black folks in Atlanta should be winning, but sadly they are not.

Not only did the Black unemployment rate in December jump to more than twice that of white people, but Black workers -- who already have long had the highest rate of all demographics -- saw their levels of joblessness grow while everybody else's dropped.

After making headlines earlier this month for interest in buying back his namesake clothing brand, Sean John, music mogul Diddy has officially won back the label following a bidding war that cost him a cool $7.5 million.

While the economy is gradually rebounding, a new poll found that some Black people are still struggling. According to the November Temperature Check Poll from Black to the Future Action Fund, 42 percent of Black adults described their financial situation as "bad." And one-third of respondents reported their financial situations have worsened. 

With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, it's time to make it a point to buy Black.

After news broke of telecommunications giant AT&T’s alleged role in creating and sustaining the right-wing disinformation network One America News (OAN), calls for accountability has been swift. Released earlier this week, a special report from Reuters documented the allegations that AT&T not only encouraged the creation of another conservative news network but is its primary source of revenue.  

A closer look at the data and statistics reveals some of the reasons why the Black unemployment rate is always the highest. And they're far from the common perceptions that are often rooted in racism.

An August analysis from Morning Consult found that 10 percent of Americans did not have a checking or savings account. Another 24 percent of Americans are considered underbanked, that is they have a checking or savings account but have needed to use an alternative financial method in the prior year. The Morning Consult poll found that Black Americans make up 15 percent of both underbanked and unbanked individuals.