Race Matters


Rayme McCoy fell victim to a racist verbal attack by Kevin Williamson who then punched her more than 10 times at a Jacksonville gas station. Her lawyers want him to face hate charges.

Police Brutality

The president of the Houston Police Officer's Union, Doug Griffith, defended the HPD officer who shot and killed Jalen Randle.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Generations of "correcting for race" in data have exacerbated the current crisis. 

The chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced he was running for election to challenge Rep. Mondaire Jones, the type of incumbent Democratic House candidate the group was created to support.

Black women are increasingly obtaining a number of degrees across majors, but are they really the most college-educated? NewsOne has the receipts.

In an ironic twist, Payton Gendron, the suspected white supremacist in custody following this weekend’s deadly shooting rampage in Buffalo that's been widely attributed to anti-Black racism, has a best friend who is of a different ethnicity.

Race Matters

All 10 of the fatal victims from this weekend's racist mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, have been identified. They include elderly Black women and a "hero" 30-year veteran of the Buffalo Police Department. Here's what we know about all of the victims.

A mistake that continues to be made is treating white supremacy as only a fringe ideology or something disconnected from mainstream American life.

The gunman who allegedly killed at least 10 people in a supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo left a manifesto espousing "White Replacement Theory," a racist conspiracy theory increasingly popular in far-right and ultra-conservative political circles.

A surprising result that came from the 2020 survey showed that 1/3 of Afro-Latinos — that fraction translates to just over 6 million — actually don't identify as Hispanic, instead opting to choose White, Black or even "some other race."

Police Brutality

Cedric “C.J.” Lofton was killed a day before his 18th birthday. He was suffering from a mental health crisis. He was promised by cops that he would be taken from his home to a mental health facility but he was sure he'd be taken to jail. He was sure he'd be killed. Despite his delirium, he was right on both counts.


Many people, especially Black women on Twitter, are comparing Kevin Samuels to Christian Toby Obumseli regarding the responses to both men's deaths.