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Charges against Jarrett Hobbs, the black man who was brutally attacked by officers in his jail cell, have been dropped.

Sophia Rosing was charged for a racist attack against a Black student.

The disgraced singer was sentenced on child porn charges.

A daycare worker was criminally charged for allegedly taping a Black 2-year-old girl's mouth shut during an alleged tantrum in suburban Boston last week.

Kyle Rittenhouse is being sued again. This time by Gaige Grosskreutz, the man Rittenhouse shot during civil unrest in Kenosha.

The announcement marks the 58th year since the civil rights icon was assassinated.

Shreveport police officer was arrested Thursday for the shooting death of Alonzo Bagley, an unarmed Black man in Louisiana. 

A grand jury empaneled in Georgia over Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election recommends criminal indictments and found no evidence of any fraud. Who's getting charged?

Payton Gendron will get a life sentence for a racist mass shooting in Buffalo, but the death penalty is still very much a real possibility thanks to his federal hate crime charges.

The Michigan State University gunman who killed multiple people in separate campus shootings is named Anthony McCrae, a 43-year-old Black man, police say. His motive is not clear.

Family members of Sarah Clendaniel, who, along with Brandon Russell, planned to destroy Baltimore's power grid, says she embraces racism.

Caitlin Davis, the "Karen" who got into a confrontation with Terrell Owens, was cleared of a charge of lying to police about the confrontation recorded on a viral video.