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Kanye West waxed poetic on everything from the criminal justice system to his merchandising deal with Adidas to, yes, that MAGA hat he insists on wearing.

The first two cases that a Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court was expected to hear have some serious implications for Black people living in America

The party was called “Beers 4 Brett."

They are headlining a Young Black Leadership Summit.

Doria Ragland was reportedly the only family member to attend Meghan's wedding.

White supremacy doesn’t care if the world burns as long as white people get to smell everyone else’s ashes first.

Support for Bill Cosby under the guise of racial injustice is simply a thinly veiled defense of rape.

Excuse me if I don’t have any remorse for Bill Cosby, the perpetrator of heinous crimes.

I walked up to the front of the school, looked up, saw the sign for Obama’s name. And I fought back tears.

What we are not going to allow is for this country to continue to put Botham Jean on trial for his own murder.