This isn’t just another battle in the free speech wars.

A better understanding of how online racial discrimination affects Black and brown teens’ academic well-being could help reduce the harm.

The Kenosha killer's latest money play incites violence against the "fake news" media.

As Twitter falls off, BlackPlanet wants users to reboot old accounts or create new ones.

Workers in Twitter's office in Ghana spoke out.

Twitter laid-off "nearly all" of its staff in Africa differently than its U.S. Twitter workers.

Computer scientists are worried artificial intelligence is adopting the worst human traits.

The Buffalo shooting spotlights how social media helped Payton Gendron, who learned to modify guns from YouTube and live-streamed the carnage on Twitch.

Charles C. Johnson, a right-wing troll banned from Twitter over allegations he tried to incite deadly violence against former BLM leader Deray Mckesson, is reportedly expecting his account to be restored once Elon Musk's $43 billion purchase of the social media app becomes official.

By now, many of us have heard of NFTs, but most people have no idea what a non-fungible token is and how to profit from the growing industry. Discover more about the NFT marketplace, trends, controversies and how little known artists are still finding ways to profit. Read more inside.

The Propel Center was created for HBCU students to allow them to gain key skills through innovation and professional teaching. CEO Gene Wade believes the Propel Center can play a significant role in helping to bridge the opportunity gap.

Acknowledging the disruption of organizing and information distribution, the Disinfo Defense League's policy platform consists of nine key points. Calls to action in the newly released platform included banning discriminatory algorithms, enhancing data transparency, protecting whistleblowers, and expanding Federal Trade Commission oversight.