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The SweetPea Girls encourage Black children to read and write stories that portray positive images of people who look like themselves.

Michael Wolff‘s book Fire & Fury reportedly has heads rolling at the White House. Wolff spent several months with the Trump administration and revealed some grimy details about Ivanka Trump wanting to run for president, Trump being a clueless tyrant and, now, some info about Melania, his third wife. Although 45 is a terrible president, […]

We all heard Omarosa whine about being the only Black person as a staffer at The White House. However, some Black Republicans, who are desperately clawing to work for 45, claim she is the one who shut down diversity, according to a story from The Cincinnati Herald. Eugene Craig, a Black Republican from Baltimore, said, […]

Ever since Omarosa Manigault Newman got the boot from the White House — or as she likes to call it, “resigned” — she has been teasing “her story.” Reports claims the reality star will earn as much as $10 million for a book deal and she is ready to spill every drop of the tea. […]

Even in the midst of disaster and natural calamity, it’s important for us all to remember one intangible that makes this country one of the leading nations in the world: the ability to set aside differences, come together as one and heal.

Carrie Blewett's relatives are calling for a probe of the handling of her case.

America Hates Us, a social justice-driven clothing brand with roots in Brooklyn, New York, is uplifting and unifying millennials in a mission for making a difference.

Carrie Blewett's family is worried her drug history means police in Kansas City, Missouri are not investigating her case.

The family of Shavon Le'Feye Randle, 13, who was kidnapped and murdered in a feud over 22 pounds of stolen marijuana that she had nothing to do with, wants the violence to stop.