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Jasmyn Lawson has dropped her most rewarding project to date: Every Barack and Michelle Obama GIF you’ll ever need” at

President Obama launched humorous counterstrikes against his opponents during his eight years in office. He used the Correspondents' Dinners masterfully.

Kenan Thompson and Chance The Rapper pay homage to our Black president with “Jingle Barack” (sounds like “Jingle Bell Rock”) on SNL.


The President and Mrs. Obama have shown their love for black art (and artists)—from poetry and spoken word to actors and singers— throughout this most historic presidency.

Research on left-handed people points to their heightened sense of resiliency, since most of their life is spent re-adjusting and acclimating to a holistically right-handed world.

President Barack Obama has an obvious passion for sports—especially basketball and golf. His love has surfaced throughout his life and presidency.


According to reports, Barack Obama is considering becoming the co-owner of an NBA franchise.

There are plenty of real moments in the Obama presidency, but NewsOne has gathered the best for your viewing pleasure.

After seven years in the White House and the gray hairs to prove it, the 44th President of the United States is down to zero…