Opinion articles and newspaper editorials on current events told from a Black perspective.

Cellphone videos of vigilante violence and fatal police encounters should be viewed like lynching photographs – with solemn reserve and careful circulation.

If Drew Brees wants to be the hero he thinks he is, he needs to disentangle himself from his love of preserving white ideals and truly stand with Black people. Until then, he’s just an anti-Black football star in a city he’s betrayed.

If white people truly do want to take more than some baby steps toward ending their race-based privileges, voting against Trump in 2020 is a better start than some symbolic anti-white privilege ceremony.

Trump's tweet threatening to have the U.S. military shoot "thugs" protesting George Floyd's killing is beyond a dog whistle. It's a call for genocide.

At just nine years old, Judeah Reynolds' young life has changed forever after witnessing a white Minneapolis police officer kill an unarmed Black man in broad daylight.

Conservative pundit Shermichael Singleton discusses the merits of healthcare plans proposed by Democrats versus Republicans'.

Parents of color have an opportunity to offer counter-stories that focus on people who look like us, as opposed to having our children forced to learn from narratives written from a European or white perspective.

Voting has been sold as THE top priority for many, rather than a tool in a toolbox of ways we can effect change in politics, systems, and eradicate the things which oppress us. It's not enough.

Experiencing the coronavirus from home may give us the feeling of being in a haven that protects against this invisible new enemy. But we’ve lost the social and psychological intimacy of public places.

Voting rights activist LaTosha Brown breaks down how the president has not solved the coronavirus health crisis, and frankly, it doesn't seem like he intends to.

NewsOne compiled a brief list of presents that we think Candace Owens desperately needs on her birthday.

Formerly incarcerated author and activist Jamila T. Davis separates fact from fiction.