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For some young people, political engagement goes beyond abortion, as a spring 2022 Harvard poll found that about half of young people think the country is on the wrong track.

The police shooting of Jayland Walker has sparked a debate about the reasons Black men run from the cops.

Finding answers is like connecting dots. Since I am a Black American and Morris was likely a name given to my ancestors, I began my dot connecting there. 


Roekeicha Brisby is accused of illegally erasing more than $3.3 million in credit debt.

Almost a decade ago, Betty Blue left a job in New York to move to Ethiopia. Now she has a business, a husband, a daughter and a new life.

Jill Biden said San Antonio's diversity is as unique as its "breakfast tacos," prompting Republican outrage that was missing when Trump was president.

Biopsy delays reduce the benefit of early detection, putting patients at a higher risk of treatment failure and lowering their chances for survival.

The debate over abortion often overshadows the other reproductive health inequities, such as high pregnancy-related complications and deaths that women of color face. This recent decision will only widen these gaps.

Since the rise of hip-hop in the early 1980s, critics of rap sought to tie the music to violent crime.

Anonymous sources claim Herschel Walker lied to his own campaign about his secret children as polling shows he's trailing Sen. Raphael Warnock.


Jason Whitlock defended Jan. 6 Capitol rioters by comparing their crimes to that of Brittney Griner, calling them all 'political prisoners."


O'Reilly is barely even pretending anymore.