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Apparently racial discrimination is like dust — it’s everywhere and it’s difficult to get rid of. A recently written article in the New York Times, “Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions” shows just how pernicious and widespread anti-black sentiment is, and how difficult it will be to combat moving forward. The fact is […]

The clean-up crews have swept all of the confetti from the streets. The ball has dropped and new resolutions have been made. Some people want to lose weight, others want to quit smoking, save more money or go back to school. With the dawning of a new year comes the desire for many to better […]

A week ago, the NAN offices were busy with activity.  We were planning for the Justice For All March that took place on December 13.  The march was successful and turned out exponentially more people than we anticipated – some estimates say approximately 40,000.  But more importantly, we had the families of Eric Garner, Mike […]

We like to think of the racial violence of America’s recent past as an aberration, that it cropped up during an especially hostile moment in history and went away suddenly. A closer look at the reality of racial violence — lynching in particular — suggests, however, that America’s predilection for the slaughter of black men is alive and well […]

BABYSITTER BUSTED BLAMING THE BLACK GUY I don’t even know why people bother to lie in front of children — they ALWAYS bust you, and in the case of this teenage babysitter in Washington state, set you up to possibly go to jail. A 17-year-old girl hired to watch a 4-year-old named Abby in Ferndale got more […]

  Haven’t heard much talk about Father’s Day this year. Debates about what Dad would like, what size he might wear, what he could use — these topics haven’t exactly been crossing the social media universe or Black Zeitgeist too much lately. It’s this coming Sunday, and there has been a lack of conversation about […]

HELP US – WE’RE DYING! And while you’re at it, we also need to hear from you about all the ways you’re working around the clock to keep more innocent people from being killed in Chicago. Seven killed, 23 hurt over the last weekend? Eleven more shot on Monday? These are headlines we expect out of […]

WHAT THE HELL IS ‘HOOD DISEASE’? Here’s what isn’t helpful when it comes to diagnosing a very serious health concern in the Black community: calling out its name, therefore minimizing its impact and disrespecting its victims. That’s just what researchers at Harvard did last week after the Centers for Disease Control released a report indicating […]

In New York Magazine’s recent feature, NYC’s First Lady Chirlane McCray speaks frankly and honestly about an incredibly taboo subject: motherhood. It took courage for her to admit that she initially had difficulty adjusting to her new identity of “mother”, after a quarter century of building a work-centered identity. Her confession will lend strength other […]

Sixty years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, education inequalities still exist. What did we really achieve through integration and how do we advance our communities to be prepared for the next 60 years? In 1954, Black people, and in essence all people, crossed a huge barrier in education. As decided in the […]

I was sitting quietly in my office doing some work and a question suddenly gripped me: what would it be like if someone at this exact moment stormed in, kidnapped me, burned down my house and threatened to sell me into slavery? This for the so-called crime of being a female who is working or […]

Why bringing back the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped and sold as brides is about a much bigger issue, and one that is almost never talked about in the U.S. – human trafficking. In the middle of all of the Donald Sterling talk and debate over whether the Clippers did enough or not in the […]