Police Brutality


Senate Republicans have repeatedly filibustered the criminal justice reform bill into legislative purgatory.


Photos showed Colorado Springs cops smiling after attacking Army veteran Dalvin Gadson.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office, whose deputy killed Airman Roger Fortson under questionable circumstances, has a checkered history including reckless violence and crime.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Nearly 40 years ago, cops targeted a Black liberation group with deadly violence.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Bodycam video of an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy shooting Roger Fortson contradicts the police claim of "self-defense," his family said.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The family of Johnny Hollman Sr., a church deacon tased to death by an Atlanta cop, spoke out after securing a $3.8 million settlement from the city.


Five of the seven Virginia police officers accused of murdering Irvo Otieno at a mental health hospital will have charges dropped, for now.

Georgia officers Nicholas Malagon and Noah Maack were allowed to resign after they were caught beating Black man, Montavious Smith.

Michigan cop Greg Marohn was rehired by a different police department after he lost his last job over drugs and racism.

Frank Tyson accurately predicted the police would kill him.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A Black woman shown on video being violently assaulted after she called 911 to report her white neighbor is demanding justice via a federal lawsuit.

Two years ago, 37-year-old Tremar Harris was a pre-trial detainee in solitary confinement at the Appling County jail in Brunswick, Georgia.