Police Brutality

A judge ruled Wednesday that a Park Forest, Ill., officer would not be held criminally responsible for firing beanbag rounds at a knife-wielding World War II veteran, reports the Chicago Tribune. SEE ALSO: Obama: “Slavery And Jim Crow” Was Justified By US “In The Name Of Christ” In reaching the decision, the Tribune says Illinois’ Cook […]

Jahmiel Cuffee (pictured), a Brooklyn man who was recorded getting his head stomped by a NYPD officer, thanked the boro’s District Attorney for indicting police officer Joel Edouard, the New York Daily News reports. RELATED: NYPD Officer Filmed Stomping On Man’s Head Indicted [VIDEO] “I’m very grateful to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office for taking the […]

Video footage of a White New Rochelle, N.Y., police officer (pictured) pointing his weapon at a group of Black teens to stop a snowball fight apparently fails to paint the full picture, according to police, the New York Daily News reports. SEE ALSO: D’Angelo Makes Strong #BlackLivesMatter Statement At ‘SNL’ Performance [VIDEO] “There was no snowball fight,” New […]

Occupy Wall Street offshoot Occu-Evolve held a small counter rally in response to a pro-police one on Staten Island Saturday. Staten Island, of course, is the borough where Eric Garner died on video at the hands of police in July, and where many NYC police officers and their families live. SEE ALSO: Unemployment Still Twice As […]

A New York City nonprofit legal group is under fire for taking part in the controversial “Hands Up” rap video. The video, which calls attention to the fact that young Black men die disproportionately at the hands of law enforcement, also appears to advocate violence against police officers, according to NY1. SEE ALSO: Bernie Mac’s Widow Drops […]

Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel looked at three instances of police misconduct involving African Americans. First off, military vet William Wingate was harassed and arrested by Seattle police for using a golf club as a cane and “walking while Black.” Dash cam video shows the officer involved accusing Wingate of swinging the […]

Akai Gurley’s partner, Kimberly Ballinger’s (pictured left), will file a notice of claim to sue the city of New York for $50 million over his death Thursday, the New York Daily News reports. SEE ALSO: Lil Wayne Sues Birdman’s Cash Money Label Gurley was descending a dim stairwell in Brooklyn’s Pink Houses in November, when his movement allegedly […]

After two hung juries, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has decided not to retry the police officer who killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones in a raid gone horribly wrong four years ago. Detroit police office Joseph Weekley, 38, shot and killed the sleeping 7-year-old with an MP5 submachine gun as he led a SWAT-like team into her home […]

A Brooklyn jury has awarded former N.Y.C. Corrections Department chaplain Christopher Graham (pictured left of center)$4 million in damages, after an officer broke his leg, the New York Daily News reports. SEE ALSO: Shaquille O’ Neal Is South Florida Po-Po Officers received a 911 call to Graham’s Crown Heights apartment in September 2010. The Mother of Graham’s three […]

Two Denver officers shot and killed 16-year-old Jessica Hernandez (pictured below) in an allegedly stolen car Monday morning, the Denver Post reports. SEE ALSO: New York Times Columnist Enraged After Son Has Gun Pulled On Him At Yale According to the officers, Hernandez attempted to hit them with a vehicle in a dark alley, striking one of the […]

An Arizona State University Police Officer has been granted a reprieve from being fired for throwing an African American professor to the ground after stopping her for walking in the street. The video of the incident, which occurred last May, is to many further proof of a disturbing “trend” of law enforcement using excessive (and sometimes deadly) force against non-white […]

Charles M. Blow (pictured), a respected New York Times columnist posted a series of distressed tweets to his over 123, ooo Twitter followers on Saturday, explaining that his son, Tahj Blow, a junior at Yale, informed him about a school police officer who mistook him for a burglary suspect and drew a gun on him as he exited his school’s library. Tahj, a third […]