Race Matters

The right-wing tabloid's article went live after two victims were killed.

Rita Bellew, 55, has been charged with ethnic intimidation and harassment after a racist rant caught on video in a Pennsylvania pizzeria.

The recent killings of kidnapped U.S. citizens and the death of Shanquella Robinson have raised concerns.

Scott Adams has a problem reading the room.

TikTok videos from high school students in New York are in question.

Dallas Morning News reporter Meghan Mangrum was fired over her use of the word "bruh" in reference to Black Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.

Alaunte Scott, 22, was shot in the back and killed by U.S. Marshals as he was taking the garbage out of his home on Tuesday afternoon in southeast Washington, D.C., his mother said.

Former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin J. Cochran spoke at a Black History Month event where he claimed God allowed Africans to be enslaved.

Can you imagine if a white football coach said he doesn't recruit players who have a "single mama," like Deion Sanders recently said? The loaded comments were dripping with self-hating racist overtones.

'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams was recently linked to an old AOL account in which he allegedly used screen names spelled with the N-word. Anti-Black resentment is no substitute for therapy, folks.

“I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid," Biden said during a Black History Month Event at the White House while trying his hand at self-deprecating humor to address House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.