Race Matters


Senate Republicans previously filibustered the sweeping criminal justice reform bill.

Trump supporters Angela Stanton-King and Trevian Kutti got into an argument over Trump's involvment in harrassing Ruby Freeman.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

It's critical to unpack the violence Black women experience at the hands of Black men.

Struggle rapper-turned-struggle rocker Kid Rock was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine in which he waved a gun and used the N-word.

The Texas Congresswoman clapped back at Marjorie Taylor Green's "fake eyelashes" quip.


Some coverage of Black women casts them in a negative light as either ineffective, unable to keep up, angry or overly sexual. Godwin, the first Black woman to lead a major broadcast news network, has been portrayed as ineffective.


Photos showed Colorado Springs cops smiling after attacking Army veteran Dalvin Gadson.


Joshua Cobb, a former Marine who is Black, has been charged for allegedly making social media threats to kill "all" white people in New Jersey.

Suspected white supremacist John P. Shadbar is in custody.


On this Mother's Day, there are still some states offering support systems that specifically pertain to Black maternal health as women’s reproductive rights come under attack.

The Shenandoah County school board told us how they really feel.