Race Matters

Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton has some explaining to do.

"Boycott Tennessee" trended on social media after GOP lawmakers expelled two Black legislators who also protested against guns but did not expel a white state rep. who did the same thing.

A viral video shows a Sequoia Middle School teacher in Fontana, California using the N-word in class while also pressuring a student to say it because they are studying Tom Sawyer.

The overall Black unemployment rate and the rate for Black women both fell to the lowest ever recorded in U.S. history last month.

Harvard University police officers held four Black undergraduate students at gunpoint while responding to a 911 call falsely alleging someone was armed.

Brandon James Bentley had guns, plenty of ammo and more weapons on NC A&T's campus. Students were told a week later.

Brandon James Bentley, a heavily armed white man, was quietly arrested last week on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University. The arrest comes more than a year after dozens of HBCUs were targeted by bomb threats.

Ted Nugent claimed Barack Obama 'literally reignited racism in America," during an appearance with Kyle Rittenhouse.

Alabama Republican Congressman Gary Palmer used racist language to describe schools in majority Black Washington, D.C. as "inmate factories."

South Doyle High School chemistry teacher Sanford Graves was suspended with pay after a video showed him justifying using the N-word in class despite Black students objecting.

Whitlock declared on his show that if he were an NFL team owner, he would "think twice before drafting a Black quarterback."

Race Matters

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith opened up about how having a biracial daughter with her white husband changed her feelings toward colorism. Back in 2019, she said she "hated the dark skin that made people call me ugly" as a teenager.