Race Matters


Food sovereignty extends beyond charity.

Southwick Regional High School students in Massachusetts are accused of of creating a "slave auction" in a Snapchat group called "Black people are low class."

North Las Vegas Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown announced the city is hosting a Black-owned business fair and white people are mad.

Black History Month

Charlotte West High School “decorated” a pair of segregated entrances for Black History Month.

Rachel Dolezal, aka Nkechi Diallo, was fired during Black History Month from a teaching position in Arizona over her OnlyFans account.

Cait Corrain posted fake, negative reviews for books written by Black and brown authors.

Police quickly ruled out racism as motivation.

The Florida Senate voted in favor of a bill to prevent the removal of Confederate monuments, which were backed by an open white supremacist.

Black people see a racial double standard in reactions to raging Travis Kelce bumping and yelling at Coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

During the Super Bowl, Donald Trump Jr. made a racist and misogynistic comment comparing Michelle Obama to an NFL player.