Race Matters

Nikki Haley's video announcing her candidacy for president in 2024 was a tone-deaf, delusional white nationalist ode to American jingoism. The hypocrisy would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous.

The response to a viral video of Philadelphia Eagles fans rioting and flipping over a car at Temple University before Super Bowl LVII contrasts with responses to peaceful BLM protests.

Auburn University's Black Student Union shared a list of anti-white racial slurs in a group chat, according to Turning Point USA, a conservative campus-based advocacy group that cloaks its racism with so-called patriotism.

The state has rejected the AP African American Studies course.

Arkansas news outlet KARK 4 apologized for tweeting disrespectfully about "the so-called Black National Anthem" and even had the nerve to misspell its name, "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

Family members of Sarah Clendaniel, who, along with Brandon Russell, planned to destroy Baltimore's power grid, says she embraces racism.

If Tucker Carlson isn't racist, he sure as hell plays one on TV. This time, he complained about the number of Black women President Joe Biden selected to be federal judges.

A teacher at Bexley Middle School was placed on leave after an image of an orangutan eating watermelon appeared behind students reading morning announcements.

Students from St. Hubert Catholic High School and Franklin Towne Charter High School in Philadelphia posted a racist video in which one wore blackface. Now they're being exposed.

Shannon Sharpe had choice words for Ja Morant after the NBA star's "acquaintances" were investigated for an alleged incident following a game last month.

Nyack Middle School and its vendor, Aramark, apologized for serving fried chicken and watermelon to mark the start of Black History Month.