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Civil rights attorney Ben Crump was retained by former Northwestern University football players alleging abuse and racism in a larger pattern of hazing.

Race Matters

A tweet promoting a giveaway for a minor league baseball team nicknamed "NOOGA" sparked outrage on Black Twitter over the alleged racial overtones.

Former Northwestern University football players are accusing Pat Fitzgerald of also being racist and calling Black players "monkeys" after the coach was fired amid a widening hazing scandal.

The sports agent flexed his NBA free agency muscles by helping star players secure the bag. 

The Tigers are coming to ice as Tennessee State University has announced that ice hockey will arrive at the HBCU in 2024.

Coach Prime is an incredible athlete and a phenomenal father first.

Ice Cube’s success hasn’t stopped him from speaking his mind against what he calls “Gatekeepers” of the entertainment industry. 


Skyrocketing into an astronomically higher tax bracket overnight doesn’t mean NBA Draftees will easily transition into lives of prosperity.


Not a single basketball player who attended an HBCU is projected to be selected in the 2023 NBA Draft, drawing attention to Black college players who have been in the NBA.

The Olympian's death is heightening awareness.