New mommy, record breaking athlete, and BAWDY goddess, Serena Williams, celebrates her birthday today, and we’d like to celebrate all the times she made us drool.

She’s amazing.

Judge us if you must.

15 Times Serena Williams Made Us Drool was originally published on

1. Beach Curves

Beach Curves

Serena is totally confident in her body and we see that the most every time she steps foot on any beach.

2. Summer Goals

Summer Goals

Serena Williams is the center of any vision board that centers around body goals. All body. All good.

3. Snatching Red Carpets

Snatching Red Carpets

Serena doesn’t only enhance your favorite vacation spots, but she SHOWS UP when she appears on a red carpet.

4. Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts

It’s no secret that Serena loves an animal print. We’re pretty sure the animals wouldn’t mind sharing their skin with her.

5. Her Curves Serve

Her Curves Serve

Although her curves get a lot of a attention, her serves keep her on top, as she has as many Grand Slam titles (19) as the rest of the Women’s Tennis Association combined.

6. She embraces her curves

She embraces her curves

“I know I get flack for my physique, and it has been a struggle to love my body, but now curves are in and I’m happier in myself,” she told Britain’s The Times Magazine.

7. The record breaker

The record breaker

Williams is also a five-time winner of the WTA Tour Championships in the singles division. She’s won four Olympic gold medals, one in women’s singles and three in women’s doubles—an all-time record shared with her sister, Venus.

8. Proud Curves

Proud Curves

Serena Williams is thrilled that curvy women are “finally in style”and wants more people to be proud of their curves.

9. Swimsuit legend

Swimsuit legend

The tennis superstar is never afraid to show off her jaw-dropping curves, and we are never afraid to check her out.

10. Serena Williams is a star

Serena Williams is a star

Serena Williams is not just famous for being the world’s number one female tennis player, but also for her killer figure.

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