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UPDATED: 12:45 p.m. ET, June 2, 2023

Boob jobs are a thing of the past. The new must-have surgical enhancement for aspiring video vixens, reality stars, and Instagram models is a butt implant. From a subtle pop like Erica Jean’s to something far more dramatic, like K. Michelle’s, everybody seems to want more junk in the trunk these days. But before you go there, here are ten things you need to know.

Nobody said a great derriere came easy. Following an implant surgery, patients can be in pain for weeks, and may not be comfortable sitting for almost a month. In this case, the saying really is true. No pain, no gain.

In some instances, butt injections can actually disappear into thin air. Actually, the saline solution used in the injection can break down as quickly as within the first year.

Keep reading to find out everything you didn’t know you needed to know about butt implants.

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1. Some butt implants use actual fat

Some butt implants use actual fat Source:Getty

Some patients choose to get simple fat injections. If that’s the case, fat will, in time, get reabsorbed by the entire body, so fat in your butt will decrease, while fat in other places may increase.

2. They’re on the rise

They’re on the rise Source:Getty

According to the New American Society of Plastic Surgeons report in 2014, a staggering 10,000 buttock augmentation procedures were performed in the United States; a massive 16% increase from numbers in 2012. A Brazilian butt lift is a popular form of buttock enhancement.

3. But, buyer beware

But, buyer beware Source:Getty

There are concerns that after a decade, the body could reject injections, leaving the patient with serious health concerns.

4. They’re not just for women

They’re not just for women Source:Getty

When men come in and ask for butt implants, they want a more athletic look, often bringing pictures of Tom Brady’s rear.

5. Second thoughts

Second thoughts Source:Getty

Just like K. Michelle, some women decide to get rid of their implants. When asked about removal, doctors say that skin stretching or sagging isn’t likely, unless very large implants have been placed on top of (instead of under) the Gluteus Maximus muscle, or if the patient has had the implants for over 5 years.

6. Thanks, ladies

Thanks, ladies Source:Getty

Many professionals have attributed the rise of popularity in butt implants to social media stars like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose.

7. Ask for the Kim K. Special

Ask for the Kim K. Special Source:Getty

In fact, one doctor revealed in an interview that when people come in for implants, they often ask for “[The] Kardashian and the J.Lo thing.”

8. It’s based on science, y’all

It’s based on science, y’all Source:Getty

According to evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr., “If a woman has a narrow waist, she’s not pregnant. And if she has broad hips it means that the underlying skeletal morphology is probably such that she’d be able to have a relatively unencumbered childbirth.” We guess Sir Mix-a-Lot had science on his side when he rapped about an “itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face.”