1. Brazil’s Art

A painting depicting some of Brazil’s black soccer heroes at the Afro-Brazilian museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2. Brazil’s Art

A photo from protests against Brazil’s military dictatorship. Blacks and whites joined together to fight against the dictatorship and many were brutalized and beaten. The collection at Museu Afro Brasil represents six themes: Africa, Work and Slavery, Sacred and Profane, Afro-Brazilian Religions, History and Memory, and Art.

3. Brazil’s Art

A painting depicting the many different colors of the players who have played for Brazil’s national team.

4. Brazil’s Art

A portion of the exhibit at the Afro-Brazilian museum featuring images of some of the first Afro-Brazilian players to play for Brazil’s national team.

5. Brazil’s Art

Pelebol, the board game based on Pele.

6. Brazil’s Art

Caricatures of some of Brazil’s most famous black players.

7. Brazil’s Art

The entrance to “O Negro no Futebal,” artist Mario Filho’s collection of art dedicated to black Brazilian soccer players.

8. Brazil’s Art

Parque Ibirapuera, the park where the Afro-Brazilian Museum is located

9. Brazil’s Art

The wall of Pele inside the Afro-Brazilian museum

10. Brazil’s Art

Entrance to the Afro-Brazilian museum through Sao Paulo’s Parque Ibirapuera. The museum contains more than 3,000 artifacts from Brazil’s five-century history.

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