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Kevin Hart resigning from hosting the Oscars because he refused to apologize for extremely homophobic language (despite incorrect reporting Hart never previously apologized, he only “addressed” the issue) has caused an ongoing media firestorm. Celebrities have come forward defending him and now it has caused more controversy.

First, Nick Cannon claimed to have “exposed” Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer for the homophobic language, not knowing that they were seriously dragged by queer Twitter and they profusely apologized (Schumer is always apologizing, as Kevin Hart once pointed out). Now, comedian D.L. Hughley and “Pose” actress Indy Moore, who is a transgender woman, had an heated exchange on social media with Hughley calling her a pussy.

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D.L. posted a video, saying “f**k them” if they can’t take a joke. See below:

Moore wrote, “White people standing up for racism in comedy. @RealDLHughley. But you can’t see that because gay jokes are so popular and normalized. you can’t balance or evaluate the ethics of an issue you aren’t impacted by or really care brother just stop… You bias!”

Hughley responded with, “I could give less than a damn what you think if u don’t dig it don’t listen! But I’d never apologize for a joke.”

After more back and forth with Moore explaining how she was bullied for being different and the result of so-called jokes. Hughley ended with, “I make a living doing what love, put kids through college, paid for my homes, and travel the world, and still don’t give a shit what a pussy like u thinks.”

Man. This can’t be the direction Hart wanted this conversation to go. See the reactions below: