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See Hillary Clinton’s evolution from skirt-suits as First Lady to pantsuits as Senator, Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential Candidate.

1. Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuit Evolution

Hillary and Bill Clinton Then and Now Source:Getty

See Hillary Clinton’s transformation over the years from skirt-suits as First Lady to pantsuits as Senator, Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate.

2. African Methodist Episcopal Baptist Church (1993)

U.S. President-elect Bill Clinton and Mrs. Clinton Source:Getty

Hillary wears a magenta tweed skirt-suit with President-elect Bill Clinton.

3. United Foundry Methodist Church (1994)

US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary w Source:Getty

Hillary wears a bright yellow skirt-suit as First Lady.

4. The First Family (1994)

US First Lady Hillary Clinton in a picture taken 2 Source:Getty

The First Lady speaks to her husband President Clinton while wearing a teal skirt-suit.

5. Foundry Methodist Church (1996)

US President Bill Clinton (R) and First Lady Hilla Source:Getty

First Lady Hillary wears a peach skirt-suit.

6. White House (1998)

Clintons Depart For Democratic Business Leaders Event Source:Getty

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton pictured wearing a pastel pantsuit with husband President Bill Clinton.

7. The Tonight Show (2000)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 9 Source:Getty

Hillary visits The Tonight Show with Jay Leno wearing a champagne-colored pantsuit.

8. U.S. Open (2001)

USTA Charity Reception, Opening Night Of The 2001 US Open Source:Getty

Hillary goes for a firecracker red pantsuit at the U.S. Open.

9. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Event (2005)

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Hosts 'The Downtown Dinner' Annual Benefit Event Source:Getty

Hillary attends a benefit in a shiny silver pantsuit.

10. Campaigning at Drake University (2007)

U.S. Senator, Former First Lady and Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, speaking at rally after Iowa Democratic Presidential Debate, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, August 19, 2007 Source:Getty

Hillary speaks to the people of Iowa while wearing a taupe pantsuit.

11. Democratic National Convention (2008)

New York Senator and former presidential Source:Getty

While wearing a festive orange pantsuit, Hillary endorses Barack Obama as the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee.

12. Rally in Raliegh (2008)

Hillary Clinton Campaigns Ahead Of Indiana And North Carolina Primaries Source:Getty

Hillary goes grey while campaigning in North Carolina.

13. Rally at Don Haskins Arena at UTEP University (2008

Hillary Clinton Attends Campaign Rally In El Paso Source:Getty

Hillary addresses the crown in a brown pantsuit in El Paso, Texas.

14. Campaigning in Louisville, Kentucky (2016)

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Louisville, Kentucky Source:Getty

Hillary dons a royal blue pantsuit during a campaign stop in Kentucky.

15. Campaigning in Bowling Green, Kentucky (2016)

Hillary Clintion Campaign In Kentucky One Day Before State Primary Source:Getty

Hillary goes orange and black while campaigning in Kentucky.

16. NYC Gay Pride (2016)

New York City Pride 2016 - March Source:Getty

Hillary is decked out in teal while attending NYC’s Gay Pride parade.

17. Campaigning in Charlotte, North Carolina (2016)

President Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton In Charlotte Source:Getty

Hillary, wearing a two-tone pantsuit, steps off of Air Force One with President Barack Obama.

18. Campaign Rally Portsmouth High School (2016)

Senator Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire Source:Getty

Hillary wears a blue pantsuit while visiting New Hampshire.

19. Campaign Rally at the Florida International University Panther Arena (2016)

Hillary Clinton Miami Rally Source:Getty

Hillary rallies with VP pick Tim Kaine, wearing a aqua blue pantsuit.

20. 2016 Democratic National Contention (2016)

2016 Democratic National Convention - Day 3 Source:Getty

Hillary joins President Barack Obama onstage at the 2016 DNC, wearing a dark blue pantsuit.

21. Democratic National Contention (2016)

2016 Democratic National Convention - Day 4 Source:Getty

Dressed in all white, Hillary accepts the nomination to run for President of the United States of America.