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Sonic recently announced their new Pickle Juice Slush and you’d be surprised at how many folks are here for it.

The pickle flavored drink isn’t the only yucky, outlandish flavor on the market. Check out more ridiculously disgusting food flavors.


How Many Yucky Licks: 10 Of The Nastiest, Trashiest, Most Disgusting Flavors Ever  was originally published on

1. Spam flavored lip gloss

2. Ketchup Chips

3. Candy Corn M&M’s

4. Watermelon Oreos

5. Tabasco Jelly Beans

6. Carrot & Tomato Flavored Haagen Dazs

7. Cheeseburger Doritos

8. Bacon Flavored Ice Cream

9. Garlic Flavored Ice Cream