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If you didn’t catch this past Sunday’s installment of TV One’s “Uncensored,” you missed another episode full of unveiled secrets and behind the scenes drama.

Actress LisaRaye McCoy took the hot seat, describing the ups and downs of her career. One instance wasn’t so much a downer, but more of a warning sign to the sunken place poster child Stacey Dash.

McCoy and Dash worked together on the Vh1 show “Single Ladies”, which ran for four seasons starting in 2011. However, Dash, who played Valerie Stokes, left the show after season one and was replaced by Denise Vasi. In one incident, McCoy said that Dash spoke to her in a rude way on set and McCoy was not having it.

In the “Uncensored” clip, McCoy set up the situation, saying Dash “would never deliver the line the way they wanted her to.” She continued, “So we took a break and when we took a break I walked over to her and said, ‘Stacey, just do the line the way she wants you to do it so we can get up outta here.'”

According to McCoy, Dash responded to her by putting a finger in her face and telling her “you don’t tell me anything.”

What followed was stark silence throughout the room, explained McCoy. Then she responded back to Dash saying, “If you don’t get your motherfu**ing finger out my face, but that was all I had to say. Because once I said that, she took off and made a beeline to her dressing room.” McCoy then went on to say that she was going to follow Dash to her dressing room because she thought they were going to talk in private. “And I was going to grant her that,” said McCoy. However, folks on set stopped the confrontation.

Although the clip aired Sunday, folks on social media got a hold of it and have been talking about the McCoy-Dash confrontation since then.


Folks automatically supported McCoy with one Twitter user writing, “Stacey Dash know Lisa Raye would have easily whoop her ass.”


Despite the major confrontation, there seems to be no lasting beef between Dash and McCoy. In a 2016 interview with Madame Noire, she said, “There’s nothing between Stacey Dash and I. If you were to speak to her and say, ‘Do you like LisaRaye,’ she’s not going to say, ‘Absolutely not I don’t like her at all.’ She’s not going to say that and I’m not going to say that either. Because I understand that what happened with us on ‘Single Ladies’ is just something that happened on the day of you being tired and you just ready to go home and you don’t feel good. It was a moment in time. It is so over.”

Of course, the Internet was still feeding off of the drama. Scroll down for some hilarious reactions to Dash being checked by McCoy.