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Well, this is a new low. Has-been rapper Khia decided to “read” Bobby Lytes, the rapper Trina‘s cousin, and talked about his HIV status. People are disgusted.

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It’s hard to follow where this beef began but Khia has made it a career to attack rapper Trina. Bobby Lytes is a cousin of Trina, who has reportedly been going through a tough time following the recent death of her mother. But while others have reached out to encourage Trina, Khia instead decided to unleash a vicious video.

Lytes, 28, responded by calling her the B-word and saying Khia “has been antagonizing Trina for years, nobody gives a fuck ever. Everybody ignores her, but today you crossed the line. For you to think you would receive any positive feedback for what you said, indicates to me that you are in fact EVIL, Crazy, and delusional!”

He also posted a series of photos with captions about Khia:

And this video:

The 41-year-old responded with the video below. It is graphic, so watch it at your own discretion.

Khia, who had a top 5 worldwide hit in 2004 with her debut single, “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” However, she never quite lived up to the hype following that mammoth hit and seemed to quickly flame out of the music industry just as fast as she was introduced to listeners. But on Tuesday, she was regaining a bit of that relevance she once enjoyed, albeit for all the wrong reasons this time around.

The controversy made Khia one of Twitter’s top trending topics Tuesday morning, with a lot of tweets slamming her for going too far for her jokes about Bobby Lytes and HIV and health. See the reactions below.