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This interview was originally published on NewsOne on September 20, 2013. Roland Martin spoke with Eddie Levert, Walter Williams and Eric Nolan of The O’Jays about the band’s upcoming charity weekend in Las Vegas. The legendary group has rallied superstars from Magic Johnson to Stevie Wonder in an effort to raise money for education. See the […]

Actor/director Robert Townsend talked with Roland Martin during the Congressional Black Caucus ALC about a community-based film project that taught 20 at-risk students from the Overtown community in Florida and 25 students from the School of Communication’s Cinema and Interactive Media program the art of filmmaking. Plus, Townsend discusses his latest film project “Playin’ for […]

Congressman André Carson talks with Roland Martin about how legislation being pushed by the Tea Party is having an adverse impact on White and Black Americans. Rep. Carson explains that regardless of party affiliation Americans want the same things and when political ideology is set aside legislators can come up with real solutions for real […]

Pastor Jamal Bryant talks about the plans for his church, Empowerment Temple AME in Baltimore, to take actions against the prison system. “There are over one million black men who are under supervision of the penal system,” he stated. Stay connected on 2013 CBCF Coverage, and tune in to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin this fall on TV One!

Dr. Jamal Bryant, pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, focused on the importance of the black church in today’s world as it relates to social media. The Black church, according to Bryant, was the first form of social media to get the word out to the masses. “The church continuously lends that […]

Civil rights during the ’60s and civil rights of today might be considered two completely different things. Phillip Agnew of the Dream Defenders explained that there is still room for young people to make a difference if they want to make change. “For young people who are looking for people that look like them and talk like […]

Not everyone understands the difficulties that ex-offenders go through once they’re released from prison. Charles Ogletree, professor at Harvard Law School spoke on the subject at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus: “Once you have a record, the collateral consequences are incredible. Getting a driver’s license, getting to live in public housing, getting a loan or […]

Even though there are more African Americans in office, Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree says that the black community still has a long way to go: “We’ve had more black men in jail more than ever before. We’ve had more black men without jobs than ever before. We have more black people and brown people who […]

Charles Ogletree, professor at Harvard Law School, commended Attorney General Eric Holder‘s efforts on criminal justice reform.  Ogletree made Holder’s contributions known at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus: “We have made very little progress in terms of getting presidents to do what needs to be done, and I think we really have to applaud what this […]

Charles Ogletree detailed the federal prison budget and staggering sentences for non-violent offenders at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus. The Harvard Law School professor not only shared the alarming statistics, but a call to action: “The numbers of people who are in prison is just overwhelming. The numbers who are blacks and browns are overwhelming. […]

Rep. Maxine Waters did not mince words about the machine behind our nation’s long history with drugs. She recounted the start of the crack epidemic in the 1980s, and the role big banks played in its rise, at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus: “It was just everywhere, and as I traveled across the country I saw entire […]

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