While rap music is a relatively young genre and typically associated with young people, Kurtis Blow’s grave condition was shining a light on the health issues that aging rappers were increasingly facing.

Dr. Joel Saulsbury and Roland Martin discussed how high blood pressure hits the Black community.

South Indiana is under major pressure to create a medical safety blanket after it was revealed Gov. Mike Pence would declare a health emergency over the growing cases of HIV in the area. Excessive amounts of drug use have aided the increase in HIV and AIDS viruses, according to the Indy Star. Oxymorphone – or Opana – has […]

Controversial former Washington D.C. mayor and now Councilman Marion Barry, Jr. (pictured) was released from a local area hospital on Saturday night after being involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle according to The Washington Times. A police report allegedly states that when Barry struck an oncoming car, he was actually driving along a stretch that only accommodates […]

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In an effort to inform churchgoers, pastors and ministers about the disproportionate impact of HIV-AIDS on Black America, the NAACP will host social justice-based training for faith leaders in Washington, D.C. SEE ALSO: Trayvon Martin: A Look Back On The Case From Then To Now The event, hosted by the Washington branch, will take place […]