While Barack Obama has indeed been the coolest of all presidents, this “blackest” list is about the things he’s done that that are so black that it will be impossible for even Donald Trump or Mike Pence to erase.


Though the state of Oklahoma’s executions are under currently review by the Supreme Court (and Attorney General Eric Holder advocates a moratorium on all state-murders while the court deliberates), Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin recently signed a law making nitrogen gas the backup to lethal injections in the state, according to NBC News. Fallin said in a […]

A Justice Department investigation launched amid allegations the Ferguson, Mo. police department grossly violated civil rights isn’t complete, but according to officials, the report is expected to fault the department for “disproportionately ticketing and arresting African-Americans” over the years. According to the report, the racially biased traffic stops intensified years of racial animosity in the Missouri suburb. […]

The family of George Zimmerman, 28, has requested that Attorney General Eric Holder arrest the New Black Panther Party for hate crimes, reports the Daily Caller. SEE ALSO: The neighborhood watch captain, who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a vigilante-style execution that has paralyzed the nation, has been in hiding with the rest of his […]

Attorney General Eric Holder is sharply criticizing the expansion of laws that would require photo identification to vote, blasting them as “unnecessary” and arguing that proponents of the provisions are citing a voter fraud problem that “does not exist” in America. SEE ALSO: How Palin Destroyed U.S. Politics In an interview with NBC News’ Pete […]