A 17-year-old high school student from the District of Columbia is the latest victim of the toxic side of sneaker culture.

The debate over whether certain people [read: Black people] value material items more than being culturally enriched exploded on social media early Monday morning.

His royal airness Michael Jordan has still got it (or at least he thinks he does). The 52-year-old said in a recent interview that he can still go toe-to-toe with Charlotte Hornets players and still come out on top, but he falls back because he doesn’t want to “demolish their confidence” (that would be bad, […]


There’s dumb, and then there’s dumber. The three teens who decided to break into a Houston, Texas mall to steal Air Jordan sneakers arguably fall under the latter category. SEE ALSO: How To Visit Rio On A Budget According to police, three teens cut a hole — yes, a hole — through the roof of  […]