Catoctin Furnace's groundbreaking DNA discovery helps a woman find family ties and sheds light on hidden Black ancestral connections. recently updated 3.5 million records of previously enslaved Black people, which is currently available for free.


Law enforcement can request genetic info from the two genealogy companies to identify you in a criminal investigation.

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“People don’t know there’s a long history of the black Chinese,” says former TV executive and entrepreneur Paula Madison. In tracing her roots through Jamaica, Madison set out to find a missing link – her Chinese grandfather and long-lost relatives across the Pacific. She turned that journey into a documentary, “Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem […]

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Want to find your roots? Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel discussed DNA ancestry research Monday with Gina Paige from “For us as African Americans, we hit a brick wall when we go through that traditional genealogical path,” Paige says. “What we’re doing at African Ancestry is taking what’s innate in us, our […]