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New Orleans-bred actor Anthony Mackie supported home repair efforts for families in NOLA still grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

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Anthony Mackie is directing a film about civil rights trailblazer Claudette Colvin.

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Actor Anthony Mackie says his role in the Marvel franchise gave him the platform to address racial issues.

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A little over a week ago, the Oscar nominations created quite the buzz. Many people were up in arms regarding the fact that there wasn’t an acknowledgement of the actors and directors of color who made an impact in film this year. News outlets and people everywhere started saying this was the “whitest Oscars” in […]

Marvel already shook up the comics world by announcing that the popular Avengers character and Norse thunder god Thor would become a woman. A day later, the company revealed that longstanding superhero Captain America will hand over the shield to Sam Wilson, a Black man who is well known as The Falcon. SEE ALSO: Aaron […]

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Actor Anthony Mackie questioned the sincerity of renowned filmmaker Spike Lee‘s concern over gentrification in Brooklyn, pointing out that the Red Hook director no longer even lives in the borough. RELATED: Spike Lee Unleashes Fiery Rant On Gentrification In New York [VIDEO] Spike Lee On Tyler Perry: ‘One Day We Might Work Together’ In a sit-down interview […]

After rumors and speculation that were later confirmed over the summer, it is reported that actor Anthony Mackie will be joining the cast as African American superhero, Sam Wilson, also known as the Falcon. SEE ALSO:  Frank Ocean Performs On Saturday Night Live In an exclusive report from cinema news site Coming Soon, Mackie revealed his excitement in […]

Anthony Mackie stars in Man on a Ledge, a thriller opening today to lackluster reviews. In the movie, Sam Worthington stars as a prison escapee willing to gamble his life in a daredevil attempt to distract from a plot to nab the jewel that will prove his innocence by… you guessed it: standing on a […]

BROOKLYN — Actor Anthony Mackie, star of the Oscar award winning movie, “The Hurt Locker,” has shown that he is a true renaissance man with the opening of his Crown Heights, Brooklyn Bar, Nobar. Not only did Mackie build the bar with his own hands using his own carpentry skills but last Saturday, he also […]