It's not even Halloween yet and already there's been a white bigot in blackface sighting at a Target in the Aurora area of Colorado.

Elijah McClain's official cause of death has finally been reported.


The women and young children targeted by the Aurora Police Department were handcuffed and forced to lie face-down on the roasting concrete of a mall parking lot when they were incorrectly suspected of stealing a vehicle.


Reports describe a shockingly insensitive act in the midst of protest.


Aurora, Colorado police confirmed that the man killed by police last Friday in an officer involved shooting was, in fact, unarmed, reports CBS4 Denver. The victim is Naeschylus Vinzant, 37, who police say absconded parole on March 2 by removing his ankle bracelet. Vinzant was also wanted in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident, which included charges of […]