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It’s not even Halloween yet and already there’s been a white bigot in blackface sighting at a Target in the Aurora area of Colorado.

According to TMZ, Ersilia Campbell was fired in February from the United States Postal Service, where a trespassing notice was posted Tuesday alerting employees to call the Postal Inspection Service if she showed up again. Months later, Campbell was recorded walking through Target with brown makeup plastered all over her face and—most (non) shocking and (un)surprising of all—pro-Trump stickers on her shirt.

“You’re literally doing blackface in the middle of the store,” the person recording the video said to Campbell, to which the KK-Karen with boot-brown shoe polish all over her face replied, “Lester Holt did whiteface, and nobody said sh*t!”

For those who don’t know (and actually I had to look this up), Holt, a Black host at NBC, dressed up for Halloween in 2009 as Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent that year. He wore white face paint, which is a rarity as Black people have been dressing up as white characters for generations without feeling the need to paint their faces white.

Not that any of that matters since there’s no long and systemically racist history of “whiteface” being used to mock oppressed Caucasians in America, so Campbell’s excuse for her racism would still be laughable even if she didn’t reach all the way to 14 years ago for an obscure instance of a Black man wearing “whiteface.” (I’m putting the word in quotes because “whiteface” really isn’t a thing for the same reason “reverse Jim Crow” isn’t a thing.)

“Where’s your Pride section? I need to know!” Campbell shouts, to which she was informed that Pride Month had already passed, not that it mattered since she was only bringing it up so she could launch into some white-and-whiny rant about how the LGBTQA+ community somehow stole the American flag (or whatever it is the MAGA-fied QKaron was trying to say).

“Oh, I thought they were celebrating this, and they took our flag forever, no?” she quipped.

Folks on the internet tracked Campbell down and possibly figured out what her true problem is: She’s another mediocre white person who thinks Black people are responsible for her shortcomings and pitiful misfortune.

From the Advocate:

Online sleuths identified the woman as Ersilia Campbell, a former USPS employee. Her Facebook page showed several videos of her in blackface before it was locked down.

In one such video, she asserted that the racist move was a way to secure future employment.

“I need to fish out some other people, so I’m gonna go smoke them out today, but I thought I’d wear blackface so that when I’m done smoking them out, and the FBI or whoever the f*ck needs to show up and listen to me for once. When they show up, I want to get a job, so I’m gonna make sure I put on a blackface so I can have my best chance at getting a job.”

So, basically, this white woman whose social media pages are littered with images of her proudly wearing blackface thinks she’s unemployable because she’s not actually Black. Next time a white person rants about how Black people don’t accept personal responsibility and blame everyone else for their problemsmaybe show them this video. 

Anyway, the Aurora Police Department told TMZ that Campbell was taken into protective custody, which the publication noted: “usually means someone is unable to take care of themselves,” which might be why someone who identified herself as Campbell’s daughter asked people to show her mom some grace.

More from the Advocate:

At some point before the Facebook page was scrubbed, someone identified herself as Campbell’s daughter in a post.

“Hey everyone. This is the daughter,” the post read. “As you all have seen my mom is going through something I can’t even put in words. No her actions are not okay. We have gotten her the help she needs right now. Currently at this time the family does ask for time to be able to comprehend what is all going on.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us can easily put what Campbell is “going through” in words. One word in particular: Racism.

Campbell is a racist going through her own backward, anti-Black racist mind. It’s really that simple.


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