Bank Of America is courting Black and Hispanic neighborhoods in an effort to close the racial homeownership gap in communities of color.

Several past instances of racist banking practices against Black and brown customers and employees alike cost Bank of America hundreds of millions of dollars in fines well before the Ryan Coogler fiasco.


Ryan Coogler and his associates were detained in Atlanta after Coogler stopped at Bank of America to make a legal withdrawal from his account, according to a police report. A teller found Coogler suspicious after he handed her a note requesting she be discreet while counting out the $12k he was trying to withdraw.


One of Donald Trump’s openly racist former campaign staffers (and there are many) exerted his White privilege in spectacular fashion on Monday.

Bank of America raised its e-banking fees for customers with low balances.


The U.S. Department of Labor fined Bank of America  $2.2 million in back wages and interest, after 1,147 African-American job seekers claimed to have dealt with discriminatory hiring practices by the lender at their Charlotte, N.C., headquarters from 1993 to 2005, according to CNN. The case, which was first filed by one African-American employee back in 2005, quickly grew […]