Kevin McCarthy, who once hosted racist Obama birthers in his Congressional office, has nothing to say about George Santos' actual lies.

Former President Obama mocked racist Republican attacks by using the birther lie to warn Mandela Barnes about the consequences of misinformation.

Newsweek has come under fire for publishing an op-ed questioning whether Kamala Harris is eligible to serve as the vice president of the United States based on the circumstances surrounding her birth in California.

Kayleigh McEnany, the fourth White House press secretary in as many years, has a history of tweeting out false birther claims about Barack Obama.

Cory Booker took up for Kamala Harris after her strong debate performance prompted Donald Trump Jr. to promote a racist tweet about her racial background.

President Donald Trump renews false anti-Obama birther claims in private conversations.

Donald Trump continues to insult his way to the GOP presidential nomination.

At a campaign rally Thursday, a supporter stated the president wasn't American, then went on to ask Trump how to "get rid" of Muslims.


A Dublin, Georgia administrator says officials have “addressed” concerns over a teacher’s comment to students that “any parent who supports [Obama] is not a Christian,” according to NBC affiliate WMGT. Dublin City Schools Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter told the television news station that “we’re always going to address our issues and learn and move forward and […]