When choosing a gift for your loved one this holiday season, prioritize functionality, quality and adaptability — especially for family members who may be in college or high school.


From enrollment to graduation rates, a ban on affirmative action has outsized consequences for students who are not white.

The debate over white students attending HBCU's took center stage over the weekend after a white woman expressed excitement over her acceptance to Spelman College.

The Black Ballot

As conversations around social and racial justice equity with building financial stability remain at the forefront, the plight of African American college students should remain relevant heading toward Election Day.


Some institutions of higher learning in the UK have started to recruit white students because of a surge of Black scholars.


Can a predominately white college with a sizable Black student population ever be considered an HBCU? Twitter was debating it.

A Black psychology student at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas aced her final exam under extreme conditions: She was in labor.