Philadelphia pastor Phillip Fisher Jr., a Black man who works with the state's chapter of Moms for Liberty, was convicted of sexually abusing a young teenage boy.


Former Blaze TV host Jon Miller, who is Black and considered to be a conservative commentator, was recently banned from the GETTR social media app for using the n-word in his profile, despite the site describing itself as a "platform founded on the principles of free speech."


Conservative supporters of Larry Elder, a Black Republican running in California's gubernatorial recall election, want "hate crime" charges for a white woman who threw eggs at him while wearing a gorilla mask. They claim it's racist.

Larry Elder, the often-controversial Black conservative politician from California, gave a hot take on the idea of reparations during a guest appearance on 'The Candace Owens Show' where he argued that slave owners could also be compensated due to their "property being taken away" after the Civil War.