A Black couple from Michigan who had their home shot at by a 25-year-old white man due to his anger over the Black Lives Matter sign in their window surprisingly had nothing but forgiveness for their attacker during his sentencing.

Ahmaud Arbery's mother wants her son's killers to get the death penalty, a departure from the forgiving reactions we've seen from other families of unarmed Black men killed by white people.

Brandt Jean said hugging Amber Guyger, his brother's murderer, provided him with a sense of liberation that was informed by his faith in God.


The problem with the way Amber Guyger’s sentence was laid out isn’t necessarily about her as much as it is about the ways everyone else - namely Black and brown folks - are treated within that same criminal justice system.

The courtroom displays of compassion for Amber Guyger and her murder conviction for killing Botham Jean in his own home shows that Black forgiveness, for better or for worse, is a fragile and complex topic.