Black History

Jeff Johnson addressed the importance of understanding the impact Black people have in history, not just within America, but around world history.

There's no better time to support Black-owned businesses than during Black History Month.

Stephen Curry is paying homage to another Black legend who came before him with special pairs of Black History Month-themed sneakers.

On the first day of Black History Month, cookies were priced based on the buyer's race.

"White history month" is trending on Twitter as white conservatives air their grievances about Black History Month.

Miami police and Mayor Francis Suarez decided to celebrate Black History Month by unveiling a Black History Month-themed police cruiser. What's next, Kente clothe-covered handcuffs?

Here are several essential things to read and know about Black history to help get you up to speed as we celebrate Black History Month.

With Black History Month upon us, there may be no better time to reflect on the timeless and seemingly endless contributions that Black people have bestowed upon these United States.

Black History Month has begun with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declaring all-out war on Black history being taught in schools.

While we remember the past, let’s not forget about our own current well-being.

As we begin to observe Black History Month, get familiar with these three monumental history makers that have helped shape Black Americans and modern-day Black excellence.

Barbie created a doll inspired by the legacy of pioneering pilot Bessie Coleman.