The way some Americans distort the racist history of the U.S. into an uplifting – and sanitized – moral lesson is an example why separating fact from fiction is critical in teaching about slavery.

Steve Biko’s slogan “Black Is Beautiful” still resonates 46 years after the anti-apartheid icon was murdered by South African police on Sept. 12, 1977. Here are several other of his timeless quotes.

As more states try to eliminate African American studies courses, these books on Black history can and should be taught in schools right now.

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From MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech to Emmett Till's lynching and more, the calendar date of August 28 remains an important day in Black history with some extreme highs and lows.

Let's take a look at the Black "scholars" the DeSantis administration selected to change the Black history standards in Florida.


The tactics that Gov. Ron DeSantis is using to censor the teaching of American history in Florida look a lot like those seen in the illiberal democracies of Israel, Turkey, Russia and Poland.

Addressing out the inaccuracies in Florida's "slaves benefited from slavery" narrative, while noble and truthful, is, in many ways, besides the point.


Truly, this new level of legislative zeal in rewriting history is astonishing.


Vice President Kamala Harris is set to deliver a speech about Florida's newBlack history school curriculum that whitewashes slavery. Here's how and when to watch a livestream of her address.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Board of Education approved new standards that teach slaves benefited from slavery.

Florida’s newly approved curriculum for teaching Black history whitewashes slavery, critics said after officials adopted the studies program.

Keivonn Woodard has made history to become the first Black deaf actor and the second-youngest Emmy nominee ever for his role in the hit HBO series, "The Last Of Us."