black mothers

There are a number of Black women effortlessly juggling their dynamic sports careers while raising healthy children. 

Reflecting on my own experiences as a mother raising Black boys into men, I wrote "A Single Mom's Guide to Raising Black (Gentle)Men." I wanted to provide a resource and support for other moms.

As Cathy Hughes marks her 75th birthday, it’s impossible not to marvel over the formidable empire she’s built at Urban One as both an unrivaled leader in the male-dominated media business but also as a Black mother.

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns argued that working moms shouldn't be expected to do it all in today's society.

Mothers who live in certain low-income areas throughout Manhattan could be eligible to receive some extra income on behalf of The Bridge Project.

According to the CDC, In 2018, black babies had the highest infant mortality rate among any race, almost three times higher than their white counterparts

I’m disturbed by the depictions of Toya Graham circulating in news and social media. Going upside her son’s head for throwing rocks into a crowd of Baltimore cops on Monday, she’s been depicted in at least three ways:  as Mom of the Year, as fulfilling stereotypes of the Black mammy, and as a welfare queen […]

Stay-at-home moms were in the spotlight last week after democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said stay-at-home mom Ann Romney had “actually never worked a day in her life.” SEE ALSO: Diddy’s Mansion Home To Intruder For Several Days This statement kicked off what has been dubbed the “mommy wars” — an intense debate between working women […]

Janelle Harris wrote an interesting article at, discussing stereotypes of Black Mothers in America. The title of the article was quite compelling, “Black Moms Do More Than Cook, Cuss and Beat Their Kids.” SEE ALSO: 150 Fearless Women Like everyone else, I thought back to the women who’ve influenced me in my life, namely […]