During an episode of his show, mediocre white man Charlie Kirk said, “I’m sorry. If I see a Black pilot, I’m going to be like, ‘Boy, I hope he’s qualified.”

After they successfully complete each course, students enrolled at the Tuskegee Flight Academy are eligible for free flight training. 

Craig Alexander, a Black airplane pilot, has filed a $1 billion intellectual property lawsuit claiming Delta Air Lines stole his idea for a text messaging app that has already saved the company “hundreds of millions of dollars per year.”

The principles of justice and equity should be enough to convince carriers to make their policies and practices more inclusive. But if they need more convincing, the clear economic imperative should do the job.

Captain Louis Freeman retires after a 36-year commercial pilot career—a profession that’s just 3 percent Black.


There are not many Black folks in the cockpits of America’s airliners nowadays, but one man in Compton, California is trying to change that. SEE ALSO: Where To Get Your Hair Hooked Up In The DMV CNN recently featured a Black pilot and entrepreneur Robin Petgrave who teaches young, inner-city kids in Compton how to cruise […]